How It Works.

So how exactly does an exchange service work? Here's a rundown of the Dibz dropoff & pickup process. Want to dig in deeper? Read our FAQs.

Sell your stuff locally, like usual.
Then, prepare for dropoff!

Do your thing on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, your website–however you like to crush it.

After you've made a sale, login to your Dibz membership account and use our quick & easy method for registering your items for exchange. Simply tell us who bought what, and whether you'd like us to collect payment.

Bring sold items to Dibz.

Stop by our convenient drive-thru (or park & walk into the lobby) with your item. We'll pull up your item registration, verify the details, then securely store everything until the buyer arrives. You're free to go!

Buyers swing by for pickup at their convenience.

Dibz will confirm their identity, retrieve the items, and make the exchange. The buyer can pay for the items at Dibz using cash or card. Done deal.

You get paid.

Now for the best part! Dibz can either deposit the money directly into your bank account, or you can come back at any time for a cash payout. Cha-ching!

All this for just $10/month. Yes, really.

Ready to take your time back?