Frequently Asked.

It's good to stay curious. Here's that extra dose of knowledge you've been wanting.

Exchanges 101.

What is an exchange? +

We define an exchange as a transaction between a seller and a buyer. The swapping of stuff, if you will.

Dibz exists to make those swaps as easy & convenient as possible for both parties.

We do this by providing a safe & secure location where items can be dropped off, stored, and picked up. No more awkward, time-consuming meetups!

Do I have to pay a fee for each exchange? +

If you have a Pay-As-You-Go account, you'll pay a flat fee of $2 per exchange.

Individual or Entrepreneur members do not have to pay for each exchange – They are free! These types of memberships are subscription-based, similar to a gym membership or a Netflix account. You pay a set monthly fee for as many exchanges as you need.

How many exchanges can I do? +

At this time, we are not limiting the number of exchanges you can do in a given time frame. We have membership plans available for both personal & business use, and expect all of our members to abide by our fair usage policy in order to ensure that there's enough love to go around.

Will I be notified when my items are dropped off or picked up? +

During every step of the exchange, Dibz will send confirmation emails to the Dibz member who initially registered the item. It's the responsibility of that member to keep the other party informed.

Will my ID be required? +

Yes. For security purposes, a valid, government-issued ID will be required at both dropoff and pickup.

How does the dropoff / pickup process work? +

See our How It Works page for a detailed breakdown of the exchange process!

How do I get paid for my items? +

See our Payouts section on this page for details!

Item Registration.

What is item registration? +

Registration is how you let us know about items that will be arriving at Dibz.

Simply register the exchanges in your account prior to dropoff. This is especially helpful when you need to keep track of who is getting what!

It also makes for a super quick dropoff process – Just show us your ID, hand us the item, and be on your way!

Item registration can be accessed from within your membership account.

Do both the buyer & the seller need to register the same item? +

Nope. Only the active Dibz member is required to register the item being exchanged. If you're both Dibz members, we recommend that the seller register the item.

I'm selling / buying several items from the same person. Do I have to register each item individually? +

If the items are small and can be boxed or bagged up together, you can register it as a single exchange and label it generically (ex: box of electronics).

If the items are larger (for example, 2 chairs and an end table), then you'll want to register each piece individually.

What kind of information do I have to submit during item registration? +

During registration, we require you to give us a description of the item, select a category (clothing, electronics, etc), and tell us the other party's first & last name.

We will also ask if you'd like us to collect payment for the item, or if you will be handling that separately.

When you register an item for pickup at Dibz, you agree to be responsible for sharing any follow-up information about the exchange with the other party.

This includes things such as registration confirmation, dropoff confirmation, and the pickup barcode required for item retrieval.

How long do I have to drop off an item after it's been registered? +

Once you've registered an item, you can stop by Dibz for dropoff as soon as you receive a confirmation email. If a registered item is not dropped off at Dibz within 10 days, your registration will be cancelled, and you will need to resubmit.

What if I need to change the details of an exchange (like updating the buyer info)? +

If you have registered an item but it has not yet been dropped off, you can delete the item and register it again with the correct details.

Simply login into your account, go to the main account page, scroll down to the “My Registered Items” section, locate your item, and click the “Delete” link to begin the item deletion process.

If the item has already been dropped off at Dibz, you will instead see an "Edit or Cancel" option. Clicking this will activate a pop-up form, where you can then choose to submit edited details, or request a cancellation altogether.

All edits and cancellation requests will be reviewed by a Dibz team member as quickly as possible. You will be notified via email once the changes have been made in our system.

Can you register an item for me? +

For security purposes, all item registrations must be initiated by a Dibz member from within their logged-in account at

Seller Dropoff.

What kind of items can I bring? +

Currently, our Fort Smith location is able to accept anything that's not oversized, perishable or prohibited. See below for details on what falls into these categories.

What is considered an oversized item? +

Items stored at Dibz should be able to be easily carried by one person through a single, standard-sized door. Anything that does not meet this criteria is considered oversized.

What is considered perishable? +

All items exchanged through Dibz are stored at room temperature. We currently do not offer storage for items that require refrigeration or freezing. We also cannot accept items that are not shelf-stable beyond 14 days.

What kind of items are prohibited? +

We do not offer storage for animals or live items. Plants will be accepted as long as they don't have to be watered while in our care.

We do not accept firearms, hazardous materials, controlled substances, or anything that requires a permit to obtain.

We do not accept drugs (illegal or prescription) or any stolen or illegally obtained goods. We reserve the right to refuse storage for any item.

What if my item doesn't fit in a drive-thru window? +

If your item can't be handed off at the drive-thru, you are welcome to park and bring your item inside through the lobby door.

Can someone help me carry my item in? +

To keep costs low for everyone, we will not have additional staff members on-hand to help carry your item inside. You are welcome to use our dolly if it's available, or bring someone with you to assist. Be sure to read our policy on oversized items.

Can I have someone drop off an item for me? +

You have the option to specify an alternate user when you sign up for a Dibz membership.

So as long as the person dropping off the item is listed on your account and presents a valid, government-issued ID, it's all gravy baby.

Do I need to box or bag my items prior to dropping them off? +

In an effort to reduce COVID spread, we request that items be boxed or bagged whenever possible. This will also help keep everyone organized!

Will you go through my bags or boxes? +

According to our terms & conditions, we reserve the right to inspect any item for storage accuracy or upon reasonable suspicion.

Can I bring items that I haven't sold yet? +

At this time, we are only accepting items that have been pre-sold (meaning you have found a buyer who has committed to purchasing your item). We do not currently offer inventory storage for unsold items.

What happens if a buyer doesn't pick up their items? +

If an item is refused or not picked up by the buyer within 3 business days, we will notify the seller and instruct them to retrieve their item.

If the seller does not retrieve an item within 30 days following notification, Dibz reserves the right to take possession of the item, whether for resale, disposal or other use.

Delinquent items may be subject to late fees. Amount will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Can I bring items in bulk (like all my shop-my-closet items)? +

Absolutely. We understand there will be times when you need to bring several items all at once. Bulk items must be pre-registered through the website prior to drop off, and must also abide by our fair usage policy. For fundraiser items, please see the section below.

Can I use Dibz to distribute my fundraiser items? +

Fundraiser items will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be scheduled in advance.

Contact us with your item details for review. Approval is subject to staffing & space availability. All fundraiser items must be pre-paid and pre-registered prior to dropoff.

Can I sell my items on your website or in your store? +

We are not offering resale service at this time.

Will you sell my items for me? +

At this time, we are only handling the exchange of pre-sold items.

Do you offer delivery? +

We do not offer last-mile delivery at this time.

Can I transfer items from one Dibz location to another? +

We are currently not offering location transfers, but check back soon for this!

Buyer Pickup.

When can I pick up my items? +

Items are immediately available for pickup after the dropoff has been completed.

The person who registered the item will receive an email notification when the item has arrived at Dibz. They will then be responsible for notifying the buyer and sharing the required pickup barcode with them.

How long do I have to pick up my items? +

After the item has been dropped off at Dibz, you have the rest of that day – plus 2 full business days following – to stop by and retrieve your items. For example, if your item was dropped off on Monday, you have until close of business on Wednesday to pick up your item.

Do I have to pay for my items beforehand? +

That’s entirely between you & your seller. Dibz can collect payment on the seller’s behalf at time of pickup, or you can arrange to make private payment (Venmo, Cash App, etc) to your seller before or after the exchange.

Can someone pickup an item for me? +

If you are a Dibz member, you can assign an alternate user on your account during signup. This user will be authorized to pick up items on your behalf.

If you are not a Dibz member but are sending someone else to pick up an item, the best practice is to ask the seller to list their name on the exchange (instead of you).

All persons who wish to retrieve an item will need to present both the pickup barcode and valid, government-issued ID.

What if the item isn't what was advertised / agreed upon? +

All buyers have the right of refusal for items being exchanged at Dibz. If an item is not what you expected (condition, description, etc), you can decline to accept it. We will then notify the seller of your refusal, and instruct them to come retrieve the item.

What if I'm asked to pay a different amount than the previously agreed upon price? +

If a price discrepancy occurs, we will first advise you to talk to your seller. A mistake may have been made during item registration.

If this is the case, the seller must login to their account and use the "Edit or Cancel" feature next to their item registration to formally submit a change.

Will you verify electronic devices? +

At this time, we do not check or verify electronic devices. However, the buyer is welcome to come into the Dibz lobby to test an item prior to taking possession.

Dibz can provide an electrical power source for testing, but will not be held liable for any item not working or powering on correctly.       

Getting Paid (Payouts).

How do I get paid for my items? +

Dibz can collect payment for you when the buyer arrives for pickup. We accept in-person payments in the form of cash or card.

You can come back at any time after pickup for a cash payout, or if you have an Entrepreneur account, Dibz can deposit the money directly into your bank account on file.

Direct deposits are calculated and initiated for ACH bank transfer at the end of each business day. Deposits could take additional time to appear in your account, depending on your bank's process.

Alternatively, you can always request direct payment from your buyer outside of Dibz, using traditional methods like Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, etc.

How soon is my cash available? +

If you choose cash payout, you can stop by Dibz at any time after pickup has been completed to collect your money. Remember to bring a valid, government-issued ID.

Are there any fees for collecting payment through Dibz? +

All item payments made at Dibz are subject to a 5% processing fee (5-cents per dollar). This amount will be deducted from your final payout prior to transfer.

Membership Account.

How do I sign up? +

To sign up for a Dibz membership, simply visit the Choose a Plan page and select the type of account that best suits you.

Individual memberships can be activated immediately by filling out a simple subscription form.

Entrepreneurs will need to submit an application for service. We will promptly review and negotiate a monthly rate according to your needs, then send you a link to activate your Entrepreneur account.

Do both the buyer & seller need a Dibz membership to use the service? +

Nope. Just one person is required to have an active Dibz membership in order to use our exchange service. This can be either the buyer or the seller, but the member will be the one required to register the item.

Do I need a paid membership in order to have a Dibz account? +

All parties involved in an exchange (buyer or seller) will be emailed an invitation to create an account at, which will allow them to track the status of their item. However, only paid members will be allowed to create new exchanges through their account.

Can I share a Dibz membership with my family or friends? +

When signing up for a Dibz membership, you have the option to specify one alternate user, in addition to the primary account holder.

The alternate user is able to perform dropoffs and pickups on behalf of the primary user, as long as they have a valid, government-issued ID.

How can I update my account information (name, email, bank info, etc)? +

To update your personal information, simply login to your account at, go to the main account page, and click "Account Details."

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Update My Account Info" button. Fill out the form to submit your revised account details. Our team will review your edit request and promptly make the updates.

Can I use any Dibz location with my membership? +

We currently only have one location available in your area, but check back soon for additional openings!

What's the difference between an Individual & an Entrepreneur membership? +

We define an Individual membership as a person that buys or sells items for personal use only (like if you sell unwanted items on Craigslist, post shop-my-closet items, or bargain shop on Facebook Marketplace).

We define an Entrepreneur membership as anything beyond average, personal use. These are for your hustles (like if you make custom tees, sell LuLaRoe, buy & sell wholesale items, or own a business that needs an alternate pickup location).

What if I start out with an Individual membership but end up selling a lot more than I expected? +

First of all, kudos! Dibz is here to support you, and we love seeing our members succeed. If your hobby turns into a hustle, simply apply for an Entrepreneur membership and we will be glad to upgrade your account.

Not sure if you need an Entrepreneur membership? Don’t worry. If we start to see your exchanges trending in a hustle-like direction, we will reach out to you with ideas on how we can modify your plan to accommodate the growth.

How long is my membership? +

We understand the need to stay flexible during these crazy times, which is why we now offer the ability to cancel your membership whenever you'd like. No commitment, no contract.

Are there any annual membership fees? +

Nope! You simply have to pay your monthly membership subscription.

How do I cancel my membership? +

You can request membership cancellation in-person at the lobby desk of any Dibz location.